воскресенье, 18 декабря 2011 г.

PHDays CTF 2012 Participants [updated!]

So here it is. By authority of PHDays CTF Overlord... The list of the Keyboard Cowboys who will fight… Fight in the final battle… In the Positive Hack Days Capture the Flag 2012 final!

0daysober, Switzerland
BIOS, India
C.o.P, France
eindbazen, Netherlands
FluxFingers, Germany
HackerDom, Russia
int3pids, Spain
IV, Russia
leetmore, Russia
Plaid Parliament of Pwning, USA
Shell-storm, France/Switzerland
HNG48, Japan (+1)

Where is rdot.org? Winner of PHDays CTF Quals?
Psssssss… This is a BIG secret!

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